Three reasons why you should start Working from Home

Three full weeks have passed since I started working from home as a freelancer/independent builder and I have got to say it has been nothing short of amazing! Sure there are a few drawbacks, but if you factor in the advantages (the most significant of which are given below!), there is actually isn’t much of a problem in any way. My motives you should completely stop your job right this very moment and begin working at home.

  1. Save money

However, you know what, on average I’m now about #4,256 better off each month by not having to donate to the unending flow of collections. I know this makes me seem unhappy (that kitty is raising cash for a fantastic cause after all) but I am only saying the money I’ve saved is substantial! I am also saving money on meals! Before I used to get dinner each and every day but today lunch is much more economical since I just need to ensure my kitchen cabinets and the refrigerator is well stocked! From the look of things, today’s lunch will include a Weetabix using a drop of soy sauce plus a suspicious tin of soup which has moved home with me three times up to now. I truly must go shopping… Another set envelope has surfaced… You place it from throughout the workplace. A bead of sweat runs down your brow, along with your leg begins to shake. Not again…

2. Flexible Commute

I stir out of my slumber, elongate and stagger in the kitchen. As I stare aimlessly in the boiling kettle, I believe of the beautiful small family Columbian cafe in the town which makes the single most glorious flat white I’ve ever seen. The very first sip, a fantasy, the java easing me to my day like an old buddy. The pot comes to the boil, snapping me from my reverie and I twist my instant coffee into the mug, then pour into the boiling water and then it down as fast as I can prefer a shot of medication, my entire body convoluting as the caffeine assaults my physique.

3. Flexibility

Or perhaps now I am only going to operate from bed? An even faster commute! And that wants to shower whenever there’s no-one about to smell you! While I must be on a movie phone, I could even get away with only ironing in front of my top, yet another time saver! Now, this really is a great one! There’s so much space for flexibility! By way of instance, I will wear what I wish to get the job done! These running bottoms would be the comfiest work wear I have ever needed and do not even get me started on the capacity to wear shorts during the peak of summer!

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