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Job Overview

  • Rate / hour $ 6.81- 15
  • Date Posted July 12, 2020

Lionbridge offers Personalized Internet Assessor profiles to candidates from most countries around the world and here you can find everything that you should know about the online job opportunity. Make sure you read this page till the end because everything that you need to know about the internet assessor job and how to get qualified for internet assessor jobs is described here which you cannot find on any other website. End of the page, I will also let you know other related trusted remote job opportunities and complete application procedures.

The job positions are open for candidates from the country who have lived in the country for at least 5 years. 

Internet Assessor Job Description

Lionbridge is a well-known company in the AI training and data categorization and localization based internet assessor jobs. This online job from home is for all internet enthusiasts who are interested in analyzing the internet contents and evaluating the contents for major tech companies like Google, Facebook, Instagram, and more. 

Do you know about the page rank algorithm of Google? Pagerank is the algorithm that Google uses to rank Search engine results and Google makes major updates to the algorithm very frequently and Panda, Hummingbird, Penguin are few popular updates that Google has released so far. But now a lot of things have changed in the world of the Internet and there are so many toxic websites on the internet which looks so genuine for the crawlers and that’s where human intelligence comes into the screen. However big machine learning algorithms grow, human insights are always priceless and that is what the job is all about.

What does internet assessor do?

You will be given queries that were issued to search engines and you will also be presented with few results and your job is to evaluate the content for its expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. The major search engine is taking the advanced step by hiring internet assessors from countries around the world who read, speak diverse languages, and hence improving the existing search engine algorithms.

Internet assessors are evaluators of the internet who are selected after two levels of qualification examination and are expected to maintain a production quality throughout this online job. There will be thousands of raters who will be working from different corners of the world and as a whole, the raters help search engines to improve the quality of the results.

Lionbridge Internet Assessor Qualification examination

The job guidelines will cover everything that you should be knowing before taking the qualification examination, and the first part of the qualification exam is a multiple choice quiz that will cover basics from the guidelines and it’s easy to crack if you are well versed with the guidelines. The next part of the exam requires well preparation of the search engine evaluator guidelines and is all about rating the page quality of the search engine results. You will be given a few tasks and you need 80% or more accuracy to successfully complete the exam. The third part of the exam is the toughest among the three and is about rating the needs met with search results. You will evaluate if the results meet the user needs of the person who issued the query.

The online job of personalized internet assessors very interesting if you love to search the internet, research for content, loves SEO, Digital marketing and it is a very well use of your time.

Payment rates for Lionbridge Online Jobs

The payment rates vary from country to country and a is $6.81 per hour in India and are higher for other countries like Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, United States, Germany, Spain.

  • Lionbridge hires evaluators, analysts, raters, assessors on a contract basis for this part-time job opportunity.

Why do you feel you would be suitable for a position internet assessor position?

If you’re a person who loves researching on the internet and is interested in social media and constantly follows the updates in technology, then you’re the right person for this role. These jobs can be very interesting for professionals who are already working on Search Engine Optimization, Digital Marketing, Internet research jobs. If your interests match the above job description, then you should apply for the jobs since Lionbridge is a highly reputed company to get a contract with.

How to apply for the job online?

  1. Create your resume including all your passions, interests, language skills, technical skills, experiences, qualifications, and certifications.
  2. Click here to open the application page, and choose the application link for the one from your country based on your language skills and location.
  3. Lionbridge follows an SAP-based application process and you will have to complete the profile including your educational background, experiences, and finally, attach your resume to complete the application.

Requirements for the internet assessor job

  • Language fluency for verbal and Written for English and your local language depending on your nation.
  • You own a smartphone either Android or iOS to complete the job online.
  • You must be living in your country for the last 5 consecutive years.
  • You should own a laptop or a desktop computer since you will be using your computer and the smartphone together to complete the tasks on the job. Yes, you need both for the internet assessor job.
  • You need a primary email on Google.
  • You need a good knowledge of cultural affairs, business, media, sports, political, history, and other news from your nation.
  • Decent internet connection for performing the job.

Eligible countries for the Personalized Internet Assessor Job Application

The list of countries that Lionbridge is hiring now varies depending on their requirement and they open the vacancy whenever they need more people and as of today when this post is being made, Lionbridge is actively hiring from the following countries.

Germany, United States, Austria, Spain, India, Canada, Hong Kong, Thailand, Korea, Israel, Vietnam, Indonesia, Ukraine, Netherlands, Russia, Turkey, France, China, Kyrgyzstan, Switzerland, Congo, Morocco, South Africa, Congo, Iceland, Ethiopia,

Don’t worry if your country is not on the list above, maybe it is due to the positions are filled and is full for your country now, but they open the positions very often and do check out the application page frequently.

Job Type

– Contract / Part-time

Job Duration

– As long as the contract exists, normally it is for a year and if you perform well, you will get a contract extension.

About the company

Lionbridge is an American AI training company which has proven excellence in AI data training and data localization and other language transcription and translation projects.


I hope now you’re clear with what is a personalized internet assessor? and why you should be applying for the positions and about the Lionbridge internet assessor exam and the qualification procedure. We are happy to help you in case of any clarifications regarding the application for these positions as well as for other job profiles, please feel free to email us on with your query.

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    I have completed my typing higher. I love this job very much I am eager to do this job.


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