Stay Healthy when you work from Home

While working from home has its own advantages, it is not always a solution for attaining work-life equilibrium. If we are not careful, those people who work remotely are in danger of becoming stressed-out workaholics who sit much (simply ask Kris Gage). There is no secret the modern-day lifestyle can wear someone down. We know that it’s bad to us, however, we do that, anyway. For example, remote workers have a tendency to work more hours, remain connected more, and suffer from less relaxed sleep. In 1 study, 41 percent of flexible employees reported feeling anxiety”most or all the time” in comparison to 25 percent of office employees.

Meanwhile, research proves that any sum of sitting may be detrimental. And working over ten hours each day is connected to a higher chance of stroke. None of that is great. What do people do about it?

After experiencing burnout in 21 years old, I have heard a thing or 2 about slowing down and finding equilibrium. Continue reading for a number of my suggestions from within a decade of working on the internet that will assist you to take care of your physical, psychological, and psychological wellness. Though we’ve got more abundant access to healthful food supplements, advice, and health care than any other time ever, we could do much more when it comes to taking care of ourselves. The harmful consequences of leading sedentary lifestyles together with sleep deprivation, bad food choices, and work anxiety add up. However, by being more proactive and intentional, we could get back control of the well-being.


Fantastic sleep is the foundation of good health. In the publication The Sleep Revolution, Ariana Huffington claims that society is in the middle of a”sleep deprivation meltdown .” For too long,” burning the midnight oil” has been an admirable trait related to hard work and success. Even though remote workers have more flexibility and time in our daily programs, our sleep quality is worse than that of conventional office workers. Below are some tips to turn matters around.

Dedicate to a while for tech when you may”clock out” out of your distant job or freelancing duties.
Layout a workday shut-down and day routine to assist you to unwind from work pressure.
Install the f.lux program in your own personal computer to heat the color of your computer screen or purchase blue-light-blocking eyeglasses.
Sleep with your cell phone in another room and utilize a conventional alarm clock (if you want one at all). If you can not pry yourself away from your telephone, use a program such as Sleep Cycle to monitor your sleep quality and comprehend unhealthy routines.
If you are traveling as an electronic nomad, select destinations that are in the best time zone for one to do the job. Avoid living in places in which you would have to work, interrupting your circadian rhythm. Long-term night-shift employees are at greater risk of a ton of medical issues, including cancer, obesity, cardiovascular disease, ulcers, and obesity.



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