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Hey guys, In today’s post, I’m gonna talk to you about remote work. Is it worth it is it all it’s hyped up to be and I’m taking a little of a work station like a work vacation where I’m gonna work remotely and spend a little time here? So I thought it would be a good time to talk about the idea of a remote lifestyle and is it worth it is it everything that’s cracked up to be because a lot of people love the idea of a remote lifestyle. But you know there’s certainly a certain reality to it that you have to take an account.
Now let me answer the question, is the remote lifestyle worth it? the answer is hell yes I love the remote lifestyle. I started working remotely I can see two years ago at this point and I’m pretty I consider myself a seasoned vet of remote work and you know I’ve made it a big part of my life.
So I travel all the time although actually I’ve been traveling a lot less lately and it has been a lot of fun I’ve gotten to see some pretty cool places and also be pretty productive at the same time because I’m always working so let’s talk about maybe the biggest fallacy that you most people have about remote work and doing this full-time the biggest fallacy that I see is that you’re gonna
be when you’re traveling, of course, you’re going to be. You know to work by the pool with your laptop I think that’s the ideal thing a lot of people want to like have this traveling.
Nomad or digital Nomad lifestyle where you work from the pool or you work on the beach and it just seems seamlessly fits into your life and it’s a cool idea. I’ve actually tried it, by the way, I tried bringing my pool or my cool I tried bringing my laptop to the pool and all the places Las Vegas right which is hilarious. I brought it to a pool in Las Vegas, I almost fried my motherboard because yeah you have a guess and like 18 temperature that’s not smart. So you can’t do that not only that the type of work that you’re gonna do as a software developer is the type of work you need to actually concentrate on and you can’t be distracted. So when I traveled to my friends because sometimes I traveled my friends you know they’re out doing stuff during the day and if I’m
sitting at my computer and they’re out you know visiting doing a Kadai trip somewhere.
Well, I can’t like to bring my computer and try to actually work on the day trip like I have to be 100% focused on the task at hand, I think my work seriously. I think anyone else should if you’re gonna be a software developer and you want to be a badass software developer you’re gonna want to spend the time that is necessary to do it. So you know working by the beach that whole
myth is it’s complete as far as I you know. I far as the software developer goes but you know if that’s your thing and that’s what you want to do and prove me wrong awesome now let’s talk about another aspect of the remote lifestyle it’s a little bit tough so
when you are working by yourself for such a long period of time there are definitely periods where you’re like man.
I miss going into an office I miss you know to collaborate with people face-to-face because you know when you’re working remote you can definitely collaborate with people whether it’s your co-workers or just other people via a video chat and you know slack chat or email but there is you know human component to work that is really important and being able to talk to people have like camaraderie social relationships are important. And so you just have to learn to deal with that it’s just a little bit different you
should you can find your ways to have a social life have people who you’re close to having Mentored, but if you’re not gonna go
into like an office space or something like that and yours gonna work 100%remote from home or travel then you have
to figure out a way to get your social activity in because to me it’s important.
If I don’t have social activity if I just isolate myself, man, I hate things don’t go well for me so I have to be around people but I have to figure out creatively it’s not just instead of having you know relying on work to have a social life I have to go out meet
people I have to you know cultivate friendships make sure that I’m spending time with my friends my family is very important as
well otherwise I’ll just end up working a shit-ton and I’m not actually doing. You know I’m actually handling the social side that makes me happy and makes me fulfilled and keeps me working for a very long time you know other than that like remote is the last thing. I’d really say about remote work it’s not the end-all-be-all it’s not for everyone like. I’ve really grown to love it.
I love the freedom of flexibility but it’s important to understand that’s not for everybody the concept that you can just you know wake up and your pajamas to start working sounds really good but at the end of the day work is work.
And if you are the type of person who can’t enforce hard boundaries on your life so if you don’t say like hey I’m gonna wake up every day at the same time. I’m gonna have the same routine because that’s really what you need you’d have like really clear boundaries about your work then remote works not gonna be for you because you have to be more disciplined you have to be able to get up at at the same time every day stick to the same the routine.
You know for example you can’t be around too much you can’t be like if you’re working for a company you can’t be missing out on a ton of work because it’s just not gonna be good so you almost have to be more disciplined. And when you are working remotely because if you’re not you can slowly fall apart to the point where you actually lose your work ethic because you keep you know taking shortcuts and to skirt what you would permiss for work. So that’s really it so that’s pretty much sums up the whole work-life balance or the whole remote work thing.
I hope that gives you a better insight if it’s something that you’re interested in I highly recommend it I don’t really want to talk anybody off of it you gotta experience it for yourself and truly try to you know figure out that’s something for you so that’s really it

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