Inari-UC Instagram content rating online job from Appen

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Job Overview

  • Rate / hour $3
  • Date Posted July 10, 2020

Make sure you read the instructions till the end and clearly understand everything about the project and application procedure. Many applicants just hurry the application procedure without reading the guidelines and end up getting rejected for the job. Please read the page very carefully and towards the end of the page, I will also discuss other relevant work from home job opportunities that are related to social media and search engine evaluation.

About the project: Inari-UC is a project from Appen to identify posts that have commercial content on Instagram. This project is for you if you are an active Instagrammer and wish to regulate the contents being put on Instagram by users.

Project Description: As a rater, you will be evaluating the contents on Instagram including posts, stories, and rating the intent of the publisher by analyzing the content, description, hashtags, tags. You will receive guidelines about the complete rating procedure once you are shortlisted for the qualification of Inari-UC project on Appen.

Productivity Requirements: You are expected to work 3 hours a day and 7 days a week on this project and the total invoice amount should not exceed 21 hours a week. In case of increased production hours, you will be notified by the project manager via email.

Project Requirements: An Instagram account, smartphone, and internet.

Payment: $3 per hour in India and varies for other countries.

Qualification procedure: The selection procedure of this project consists of a quiz having 15 questions which you will have to clear with 80% accuracy. Nothing to worry, the guidelines come in handy to clear the quiz for this project.

How to Apply for this online job on Instagram rating?

1. The first step is a decent good resume having all your technical skills, abilities, experiences, and hobbies. Once the resume is ready, you may proceed to step 2.


2. Click here to apply for the project and once your account is fully activated and you have completed the profile and information about the mode you would like to get paid, proceed to all projects under your dashboard.

3. Click on qualify for the Inari-UC project along with other projects that you would be interested in.

4. You will receive a mail within a few days regarding the qualification examination of the project.

5. Complete the qualification quiz examination for starting this online job.

6. Wait for the email from your project manager to start working.

Frequently asked questions about Inari-UC project on Appen

Q. When can I start working on Inari-UC after clearing the quiz?

Answer: It may take up to 5 months for the process of starting the work from clearing the qualification examination. But in most cases, the project manager will invite you to start the project within a month. It totally depends on the demand and requirements from their side. If you have completed the qualification examination, rest assured the project manager will contact you via email and nothing to do from your side.

Q. How many tasks and time should I work a day on the Inari-UC project?

Answer: You are supposed to complete 24 tasks an hour where each task will take up to 2.5 minutes. You will receive 72 tasks every day and the production expectations are 3 hours a day and a maximum of 72 hours a week.

Q. When will I get paid for the Inari-UC project from Appen?

Answer: Nothing to worry about the payment process, once you submit your invoice end of the month, you get paid on the 14th of the next month for your last month’s work.

Q. What exactly is the job on Inari-UC Instagram online job?

Answer: The job demands an Instagram content rating for a set of questions and conditions. The exact job description would be mentioned on the guidelines and due to NDA, we cannot disclose the contents on the guidelines here.

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