How to start your mornings when you are not working from Home?

My mornings often start very early with the alarm clock ringing and really taking me out of deep sleep. Don’t hit that snooze button. It’s gonna make you feel groggy and make it even harder to wake up in the morning. The first thing that I do once I get out of bed is open the shades. You want that natural light hitting you as soon as you wake up. Not only does it make it easier for you to wake up but it also resets your circadian rhythms, so you can fall asleep easier at night. Next, I make my bed. Now, this hasn’t changed from my previous morning routine and for good reason. Both psyche and military experts alike recommend making your bed. It yields tremendous productivity and willpower benefits throughout the day. Once my bed is all done, I go on to brush my teeth. You should be doing this twice a day, and not only is it important for your dental health, but we’ve seen relationships between heart disease and those who don’t take care of their teeth. Something I know a lot of people skips out on is flossing.
In the morning when you’re tired, and you need your routine to be on point, this thing has it all in one place.
Generally, I’ll go for some oatmeal, but I’m not afraid of doing intermittent fasting. Sometimes I wake up, I don’t have much of an appetite, I do an intermittent fast. The reason you see me put so many fruits into my oatmeal is that I want it to taste good
and instead of putting sweeteners in, I’d rather just put in more fruits because if fruits vitamins, minerals, a fiber so you don’t absorb as readily all of the sugars, I think that’s the best way to do it.
I’m cycling pretty much every morning. Get to do like 20, 30 minutes of solid interval training so my heart rate gets better, burn some calories, keep the weight off, all without losing muscle. I always tell my patients, you don’t need to spend a lot of time exercising in order to lose weight. One thing I have to do every morning is do my hair. As you saw earlier in the video, my hair’s a mess when I wake up. The only way I can get it normal is through blow-drying.
I use a little heat protecting spray just because I’m blow drying my hair very often. And then, I let the blow dryer let the magic happen. And a simple round brush.
Every morning, before I set out to work, I like to sit right here on this couch for like five minutes, just focusing, and I know a lot of successful people like to meditate, but this isn’t about sitting cross-legged with your fingers touching. This is about being mindful.
Thinking about what’s in your unconscious. I know that sounds deep, but it’s really about thinking about what emotions are you feeling? What are you feeling them about? What’s bothering you? And when you connect those feelings and you’re true about how you feel, you can be so much more productive throughout your day. I’ve definitely noticed a benefit, and it’s something I recommend to you at home. Now I need to get dressed for work and depending on where I’m working that day, I have to put on a different outfit. For example, if I’m going on TV to do the news, I have to put on the full suit and tie. If I’m gonna be working the hospital that day, I put on slacks, dress shirt, tie and then finally, if I’m working the urgent care, I throw on my scrubs, ’cause I don’t want to get my own clothes dirty. I think it’s really important that you feel comfortable in what you’re wearing because it shows.
My morning routine is about to come to an end. Now the last thing in my morning routine is the drive into work, and ever since I was a kid, I loved sports cars and driving, but now I’m fortunate enough to have one. Now if you wanna share some of your morning routine tips, or something you do unusual in the morning, drop it down below in the comments.

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